PVA Mops & PVA Mophead Refills


PVA mops clean fast and effectively, and have exceptional durability and absorption. Excellent for removing all kinds of debris, including water/liquids, dust & dirt, hair, and oily residues, PVA mops save time, energy and money at home or in public places, such as department stores, offices, factories, hotels, etc. Our PVA mops are also resistant to acids and alkalis.

The mops' stainless steel handles come in three varieties, economic, regular, and super which vary in quality and price, respectively. 

Note: Sponge is made of raw PVA material. It has exceptional absorbancy of water. When completely dried out after seven days of non-use, the sponge becomes firm and can be softened by simply immersing the mop in water.

Available Sizes:

Head Size: 125cm, Handle Length:125cm
Packaging Details: 66 x 43 x 42cm/25pcs
Mophead Refills: 27cm, 29cm, 33cm, or other standard sizes