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Our Most Popular Wholesale Microfiber and PVA Products

Microfiber Towels

Stop spending $ on soaps and chemicals, clean smarter with super-absorbant towels that remove dirt and bacteria with water alone. Show Me!

Microfiber Mitts

Take the work out of washing your car with Microfiber mitts that provide a scratchless, lint-free way to clean your car without soap. Show Me!

PVA Mops

Mop-up in a minute with ultra-absorbant PVA mops that are light, easy to move, and hold many times their weight in liquid. Show Me!

PVA Chamois

PVA synthetic chamois is soft and absorbant, like a sponge and towel in one, and useful in a wide variety of cleaning situations. Show Me!

Microfiber products from TOP Microfiber help you to clean greener by eliminating the need for soap or cleaning chemicals. Their superior durability provides you with more than two years of cleaning under normal use, which means fewer towels in landfills. Support your organization's green goals by purchasing environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies from TOP Microfiber.